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Delving Deep In History Brought Me Home

The Coming Home Network International recently published an abbreviated version of my conversion story in their monthly newsletter and online at their website. I decided to reproduce the article in it’s entirety here along with a PDF of the full newsletter at the bottom of the article. Enjoy! Delving Deep In History Brought Me Home We’ve all heard the maxim, “Your starting point always…

Why I’m Catholic ~ Catholicism and the Reformation

Part 2: Catholicism and the Reformation (This is part two of a three part series.  For part one click here.) Before moving on I should probably note that I’ve always been fairly anti-Catholic. As I said before, growing up I was raised in a context that was dubious about whether or not Catholics were even saved and I was even exposed…

Why I'm Catholic - Context

Why I’m Catholic ~ Context

Your Starting Point Doesn’t Always Determine Your Conclusion… Part 1: Context A pastor friend who had heard of my conversion to Catholicism cautioned me that, “Your starting point always determines your conclusion.”  Often this is a maxim that I would wholeheartedly agree with. I too have recognized that frequently a faulty conclusion is indeed the result of an erroneous starting point. This certainly seems to…

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