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My Catholic Conversion Video Interview

A couple of months back David Gray interviewed me for his My Catholic Conversion segment on the YouTube channel My Catholic Tube. Below I’ve put direct links to his channels so that you can check out some of the other great videos he’s put up there. Just as an FYI, the audio starts a little garbled due to some technical difficulties, but…

AFFL #010 All Hallows, All Souls, and the REAL Adam’s Family! Part 2 of our Interview with Christine

The real Adam’s Family! A pumpkin carving contest, Halloween, and trick or treating with the kids. All Hallows and All Souls Day in the liturgical calendar. Ethan’s confirmation class, retreat, and the Dynamic Catholic ministry. We discuss Brittany Maynard’s death and the Catechism’s teaching on suicide. Part 2 of Christine’s interview. Matthew Kelly, Dynamic Catholic – Confirmation Material Subscribe to…

Allow Me to Sum Up…

So, a lot has been happening. Allow me to sum up… — 1 — Last week I was contacted by a producer from Seize the Day on the Catholic Channel Sirius/XM 129. He wrote: “I saw your conversion story on Why I’m Catholic and I was wondering if you would like to come on our program tomorrow morning via telephone, and…

Adam N. Crawford

So I just found out today that I will be interviewed tomorrow morning bright and early on The Catholic Channel (Sirius/XM ch.129) show Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd during his Conversion Corner segment. I should be on around 9am Eastern, but I think they have started rebroadcasting the show at a later time here in the West so you may be able to catch it later in the morning as well.

If all goes well, I’ll probably have the audio up on the site within the next couple of weeks. If I completely bomb, you can forget about it!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers – I’m a little anxious about it 🙂

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